Please visit the Springfield Kinsmen Facebook page for upcoming events


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Please visit the Springfield Kinsmen Facebook Page for up to date news and information.

Who are the Springfield Kinsmen?

The Association of Kinsmen and Kinette Clubs of Canada is a Canadian organization, founded in 1921 and governed by a national constitution and bylaws, with clubs spread from coast to coast.  Each club has the opportunity, within the national mission, to determine how it can best be of service to the community.  Each club is also encouraged to support the national project of “finding a cure to cystic fibrosis” and self-determines how much to donate to this cause annually.  Having said this, the major share of fundraising by a local club stays within the community it was raised in, to be used at the discretion of the club.

The Springfield Kinsmen Club represents the Association of Kinsmen and Kinettes Clubs of Canada at the local level.     The membership subscribes to the association’s philosophy of “Serving the Community’s Greatest Need”.

Anyone who prescribes to the aims and objectives of the Association and is over the age of nineteen can join their local club.  One has to attend three regular meetings as a guest of a member to take the official oath of membership.  As with the association, the Club membership is non-denominational and currently stands at 19 members.

The 2016/17 Executive of the Springfield Kinsmen Club is:

  • President: Murray Flaten
  • Vice-President: Ron Farmer
  • Treasurer: Paul Brisson
  • Secretary: Dan Savoie
  • Membership Director: Paul Brisson

The Springfield Kinsmen Club was chartered in 1979. The club has responded to many local area needs through many worthy projects.  The club was instrumental in the establishment of the Kin Place Seniors Centre and also spearheaded the completion of the Kin Place Personal Care Home.  The Club has also established parks, a Youth Centre, and has financially aided all of the Community Clubs in the area as well as many churches, individuals and other organizations in need of support.  The Springfield Kinsmen are also the Sponsoring Group for the local Cubs and Scouts.

What we do:
Springfield Kinsmen take great pride in having assisted many needy individuals in different ways throughout their history.  Examples of these include:

  • providing funding for glasses for a young boy
  • paying for funeral expenses for a destitute family
  • building a wheelchair ramp for a cancer victim
  • providing physical assistance for other groups functions
  • donating an annual bursary to Springfield High School
  • Spearheading efforts to raise funds for a wheelchair-accessible van for a disabled young lady
  • providing educational support funding to send a young student to Africa
  • Providing cultural support funding to send a young lady to Germany for dance.

Busy and Dynamic!

The Oakbank-Springfield Kinsmen also manage and participate in several fundraising and service projects each year including:

  • Fish and Fowl Dinner
  • Kinsmen Funspiel
  • Christmas tree sales
  • Kinsmen Ski Night
  • Wild Game Night
  • Shelterbelt Tree Disbursement
  • The Kinsmen Chicken Daze Parade
  • Springfield Collegiate Safe Grad
  • Family Fare and OBCU Customer Appreciation
  • One Insurance Customer Appreciation
  • Canada Day Fireworks and Food Booth
  • Several additional food venues and tent and equipment rentals throughout the year.

Oakbank Springfield Kinsmen are a very busy group of proud and committed individuals, providing the Municipality of Springfield an extremely valuable service.